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Interview (2008)

Ballboy - Interview

At the Indietracks Festival in Derbyshire, Jamie Rowland talks to Edinburgh-based indie pop group ballboy, back for a third interview with Pennyblackmusic, about the state of radio and their first album in four years

Interview (2002)

Ballboy - Interview

The Scottish group ballboy have just released their first “proper” album, 'A Guide To The Daylight Hours'. Gordon McIntyre, the frontman with the increasingly popular indiepop group, talks to Tommy Gunnarsson about it, critics, and touring America

Interview (2002)

Ballboy - Interview

It's been about six months now since I first heard ballboy for the first time. The song was 'Donald In The Bushes With A Bag Of Glue', which is taken from their debut EP, 'Silver Suits For Astronauts'


Lokal Bar, Vaxjo, Sweden, 12/4/2003

Ballboy - Lokal Bar, Vaxjo, Sweden, 12/4/2003

Tommy Gunnarsson waited for more than three years for ballboy to come to Sweden, but finds it has been worth the long wait


All The Records On The Radio Are Shite (2002)

Fourth EP from Edinburgh indiepop stars, which ,while it is not able to live up to the very high expectaions of its predecessors, still makes essential listening

I Hate Scotland (2001)

The first time I heard Ballboy was on a mixtape a couple of months ago. The song was called "Donald In The Bushes With A Bag Of Glue", and one of the reasons I liked it was because of the handclaps. Y

Club Anthems 2001 (2001)

When you hear a really really great single by a new band, you often can’t wait to hear their full-length debut. And I must say that was the case with Edinburgh’s ballboy. When I heard their first EP,

Girls Are Better Than Boys (2001)

This is the first ballboy EP that I have ever bought. Of course I had heard highpoints from the previous two on John Peel, but tracks like “Olympic Cyclist” (from the “I Hate Scotland” EP) took a wh



A Little Orchestra
Interview A Little Orchestra - Interview

John Clarkson chats to Bobby Barry and Natalie Hudson from the ten-piece A Little Orchestra about their debut album 'Clocks', which features contributions from Darren Hayman, ballboy's Gordon McIntyre, the Loves' Simon Love and Swedish singer-songwriter Lisa Bouvier

Indietracks Festival
Interview with Stuart Mackay Miscellaneous - Interview with Stuart Mackay

The Indietracks Festival takes place in a heritage train museum in Derbyshire, and this year will feature over fifty indie pop acts including the Wedding Present, Milky Wimpshake, ballboy, and Darren Hayman. Jamie Rowland speaks to organiser and founder Stuart Mackay about his festival


SL Records
Interview Miscellaneous - Interview

Edinburgh-based label SL Records has been responsible for releasing some of the best indiepop in recent years, and is the home of ballboy, Degrassi and the now defunct Khaya. Owner Ed Pybus chats to Tommy Gunnarsson


Indietracks Festival
Midland Railway, Butterley, Derbyshire, 267/2008...27/8/2008 Miscellaneous - Midland Railway, Butterley, Derbyshire, 267/2008...27/8/2008

At the second ever Indietracks Festival, which takes place in a railway heritage site in Derbyshire, Jamie Rowland enjoys sets from indie pop/rock acts such as Herfner's Darren Hayman, the Bobby McGee's, the Wedding Present and ballboy


John Peel
Ten Songs That Made Me Love... Miscellaneous - Ten Songs That Made Me Love...

In 'Ten Songs That Made Me Love...', Jamie Rowland writes of ten songs that he first heard listening to John Peel's late night Radio 1 show

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