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Interview (2015)

Repomen - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to Denzil Watson, the front man with durable Sheffield indie act RepoMen about 'Occasional Sensations', which is a documentary film about them, and their recent album, ‘I’m Only Doing This Because I Like Your Robot’

Interview (2011)

Repomen - Interview

Denzil Watson, the frontman with Sheffield indie act RepoMen, speaks to John Clarkson about their new compilation album, ‘Occasional Sensations: A Retrospective Long Player’

Interview (2004)

Repomen - Interview

Sheffield indie act the Repomen, who first formed in 1990, recently released their fifth EP in five years 'Out of Here'. Olga Sladeckova chats to front man Denzil Watson about their longevity, the new recordand why he sees change as a good thing

Interview (2002)

Repomen - Interview

Acclaimed Sheffield indie guitar band the Repomen are about to go into the studio to record their third EP. In this interview, its four members, talk about the group's twelve year history


Casbah, Sheffield, 27/10/2003

Repomen - Casbah, Sheffield, 27/10/2003

The Repomen have never played London. Olga Sladeckova, therefore, decided to make the trip up to their hometown of Sheffield to catch their latest gig, but finds it definitely worth the four hour journey


Ten Songs That Made Me Love... (2024)

Repomen - Ten Songs That Made Me Love...

John Clarkson writes about his ten favourite songs by ReopMen, who were Sheffield's longest-serving indie band.


Path of Least Resistance (2016)

Fine thirteenth EP from inventive Sheffield-based band RepoMen who have just celebrated their twenty-fifth anniversary

Vapour Trails (2014)

Imaginative and unpredictable latest EP from Sheffield-based alternative rockers, RepoMen

My Fantasy EP (2012)

Superb eleventh and latest EP from continuously excellent Sheffield-based band, RepoMen

Priceless EP (2012)

Fine, but surprising punk pop-influenced latest EP from Sheffield-based band, RepoMen

Headlines (2010)

Bleak, but uncompromising and haunting latest record from durable and inventive Sheffield-based band, the RepoMen

Parallel Schizophrenic (2009)

Life-affirming latest EP from durable and constantly inventive Sheffield-based band, the RepoMen

Star EP (2008)

First-rate ninth EP from hard-wearing, but still unpredictable Sheffield-based group the Repomen

Songs They Never Play On the Radio (2007)

Eclectic and versatile official debut long player of unpredictable Sheffield band the Repomen, which, released seventeen years into their history, is an amalgamation of both old and newly recorded songs

Dietrich (2005)

Eclectic indie rock from experienced and consistently inventive Sheffield-based act, the Repomen

Out Of Here (2004)

Eclectic new EP from the hard-wearing and increasingly impossible-to-pigeonhole Sheffield act, the Repomen

Moonlight Driving/the Finest Line (2003)

Eclectic, impressive new "double A sided" EP from ever dependable Sheffield indie guitar quartet, the Repomen

Save Yourself/Lauren Bacall (2003)

Musically and lyrically "versatile" new EP from Sheffield's the Repomen

Seventeen Again (2003)

Excellent compilation from the eclectic and always independent-minded Sheffield group, the Repomen, which effectively charts their 12 year history together

Lights Out / She's In Love (2001)

The Repomen have been playing together for over a decade now. The group, which features in its current line-up Denzil Watson on vocals ; Ric Bower on guitar and occasional keyboards ; Simon Tiller on

Reel Me Cuber / Eyes on the Road (2001)

When the Repomen recorded their debut CD EP 'Lights Out/She's in Love' at the end of last year, they recorded for it two electric and studio based tracks, which they dubbed 'A Sides', and also tagged



Batman's Treaty
Interview Batman's Treaty - Interview

Denzil Watson, the front man with long-serving Sheffield punk pop group RepoMen, talks to John Clarkson about forming Batman's Treaty, his first new band in twenty-five years.


Little Man Tate/Repomen
100 Club, London, 23/5/2006 Miscellaneous - 100 Club, London, 23/5/2006

Little Man Tate recently played a sold out show at London's 100 Club on their first big national tour. Olga Sladeckova is impressed by energetic sets from both them and support band the Repomen


Penny Black Music Night
Spitz, London, 22/1/2004 Miscellaneous - Spitz, London, 22/1/2004

Our latest Pennyblackmusic Bands Night on the 22nd January featured strong sets from Bikini Atoll, Heist, the Repomen, Lewd and Moly. Olga Sladeckova writes about what was an excellent night of music

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