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Wisermiserdemelza (2001)

It has been well documented that the band were less than happy with what they considered to be the over-produced and slightly thin sound of (their second album) Wisermiserdemelza. However, the 1990 CD

There Is A Time (2001)

Eighteen years have now passed since The Prisoners first appeared on the Medway live circuit as a raw and frantic four-piece. The band, whose influences ranged from 70' s punk to groovy 60's such as



Galileo 7
Interview Galileo 7 - Interview

Carl Bookstein speaks to former Prisoners and Solarflares bassist Allan Crockford about his psychedelic-influenced band Galileo 7 and their just released third album, 'False Memory Lane'

Galileo 7
Interview Galileo 7 - Interview

Galileo 7 is the new band of former Prisoners and Solarflares bassist, Allan Crockford. John Clarkson chats to him about his decision to take up songwriting in it for the first time, and the group's recently released second album, 'Staring at the Sound'

Whipping Boy
Interview Whipping Boy - Interview

Ferghal McKee from 1990's Dublin-based alternative rock act Whipping Boy speaks to John Clarkson about his band's recent reformation and first single in sixteen years, ‘No One Takes Prisoners Anymore /Earth’s Last Picture'

Graham Day
Interview Graham Day & the Gaolers - Interview

The former frontman with cult garage rock groups the Prisoners and the Solarflares, Graham Day has recently returned to live work with his latest band the Gaolers, and their debut album, ‘Soundtrack To The Daily Grind’. Sarah Maybank speak to him about his long musical career and the new album


Graham Day and the Gaolers
Dirty Water Club, London, 2/11/2007 Graham Day & the Gaolers - Dirty Water Club, London, 2/11/2007

Sarah Maybank watches Graham Day, the former frontman with garage rockers the Prisoners and Solarflares, blast his way through a firestorming set with his new band the Gaolers at the Dirty Water Club in London

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