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Pretty Things


Interview (2015)

Pretty Things - Interview

Mark St John, the former drummer with 60's act the Pretty Things, talks to Nick Dent-Robinson about the group's influence and notoriety

Interview (2015)

Pretty Things - Interview

Lisa Torem speaks to Phil May from legendary 60's group the Pretty Things about his band's history of over fifty years and their new album ‘The Sweet Pretty Things (Are in Bed Now, Of Course…)’


Profile (2015)

Pretty Things - Profile

Lisa Torem finds that several new reissues and remasters by 60's act the Pretty Things speaks volumes about their versatility and progressive attitude towards rock


The Sweet Pretty Things (Are in Bed Now, Of Course…) (2015)

Stunning first album in seven years from the Pretty Things, who, after an over fifty year career, sound as contemporary and cohesive as ever

Bouquets from a Cloudy Sky (2015)

Extraordinary career-defining box set from durable 60s innovators, the Pretty Things

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