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Interview (2008)

Organ - Interview

The Organ broke up in December 2006 just as they had started to taste success both in their native Canada and Europe. Have briefly reunited to record 'Thieves', a final set of six songs, singer Katie Sketch speaks to John Clarkson about the reasons for the all girl group's abrupt break-up

Interview (2005)

Organ - Interview

The latest in the recent line of Canadian bands to make an impact in Britain, all-girl five piece the Organ have made an instant impression with their intense stage shows and melancholic songs. Front woman Katie Sketch talks to John Clarkson


Late Room, Manchester, 17/7/2006

Organ - Late Room, Manchester, 17/7/2006

Back to see Vancouver all girl five piece the Organ for a second time, Dixie Ernill at the Late Rooms in Manchester watches them play a fiery and aggressive set and onceagain prove themselves to be very special indeed

Metro, London, 15/8/2005

Organ - Metro, London, 15/8/2005

All girl five piece the Organ recently toured Britain. At a gig at the London Metro Anthony Strutt sees them play an entertaining set which occasionally hints at brilliance


Memorize The City (2006)

Atmospheric and ambiguous latest single, re-released from last year, from Vancouver-based all-girl five piece, the Organ

Grab That Gun (2006)

Atmospheric, sexually ambiguous debut album from Canadian all girl group the Organ, which recolleects early 80's pop new wave bands such as the Passions and Martha and the Muffins

Brother (2006)

Haunting third single from Vancouver all-girl new wave five-piece the Organ, shortly about to release their debut album in the UK

Memorize The City (2005)

Haunting, but all too brief second UK single from all girl Vancouver-based group The Organ

Sinking Hearts (2005)

Mesmerising, melancholic British debut EP from all girl Canadian group the Organ, inspired by early 80's synth acts and about to tour the UK for the first time



Interview Prisoners - Interview

James Taylor, the keyboardist and the organ player, with legendary 80's garage-rock band The Prisoners talks to Denzil Watson about their reformation for a show at The Roundhouse in London and their forthcoming first album in almost forty years.

Jon Lord
1941-2012 Deep Purple - 1941-2012

Nick Dent-Robinson pays personal tribute to and looks back on the life of Deep Purple organ player and classical composer Jon Lord, who died in July

Organ with Marlowe
Zaphod's, Ottawa, 19/6/2004 Miscellaneous - Zaphod's, Ottawa, 19/6/2004

One of the rising bands of the Canadian music scene, all-girl five piece the Organ have been getting steady good reviews. At an Ottawa show Andrew Carver sees no reason why they shouldn't share the same profile as bands such as Interpol and the Rapture

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