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Motorpsycho (2013)

Motorpsycho - Motorpsycho

Andrew Carver reflects upon the history of Norwegian psychedelic act Motorpsycho and their classic fifth album, 'Blissard', which has recently been re-released in a four CD box set


Demon Box (2015)

Motorpsycho - Demon Box

In our 'Re;View' section, in which we look back at albums from the past, Erick Mertz refelects on Norwegian heavy metal/psychedelic rockers Motorpsycho's classic third album, which has just been re-released in a four CD box set


Profile 1991-2003 (2003)

Motorpsycho - Profile 1991-2003

One of the most durable of all Scandinavian rock groups, Motorpsycho's musical career has taken them from punk to psychedelia. Andrew Carver profiles their fascinating musical evolution, and multi-album history


Kingdom of Oblivion (2021)

Dull and cliched harmonic rock on latest album from Norwegian band Motorpsycho

The All Is One (2020)

Superb double album from Norwegian legends Motorpsycho, who While flying in the face of more fashionable modes and styles continue to be an inventive and creative force

The Crucible (2019)

Enjoyable but over-stated latest album from Norwegian progressive/psychedelic rock trio Motorpsycho

Here Be Monsters (2016)

Subtle and delicate latest album from Norway’s elder rock statesmen Motorpsycho now some twenty-five years down the line and creating their most impressive music yet

Supersonic Scientists – A Young Person’s Guide to… (2015)

Impressive first ever anthology on double CD from Norwegian alternative rockers, Motorpsycho

Still Life with Eggplant (2013)

Fiery back-to-basics latest album from durable Norwegian pyschedelic trio, Motorpsycho

Heavy Metal Fruit (2010)

Rewarding latest album from durable Norwegian psychedelic-influenced rockers Motorpsycho which while not one of the band's best efforts still stands up to repeated listening

Little Lucid Moments (2008)

Superb latest album from Norwegian stoner rock/psychedelic group Motorpsycho, who despite having formed nearly two decades ago still manage to sound remarkably fresh

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