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Lupen Crook


Interview (2006)

Lupen Crook - Interview

Chatham-based singer-songwriter Lupen Crook has been attracting increasing interest from the music press. With his debut album 'Accident Occurs Whilst Sleeping' just out, he speaks to Jamie Rowland abouts its recording


Spitz, London, 20/9/2006

Lupen Crook - Spitz, London, 20/9/2006

One of the most exciting new acts in the UK, Jamie Rowland watches Lupen Crook and his band the Murderbirds play an electric-sounding set as part of the Spitz's Festival of Folk in London

Social, London, 7/5/2005

Lupen Crook - Social, London, 7/5/2005

Medway-based folk punk Lupen Crook has been attracting increasingly strong reviews. Jamie Rowland watches him play an explosive set at London club the Social


British Folk Tales (2012)

Engaging, but deliberately uncomfortable fifth album from Chatham-based singer-songwriter, Lupen Crook

The Pros and Cons of Eating Out (2010)

Bewildering, but effortlessly brilliant combination of folk, punk, pop and new wave on third album from original-minded Medway-based singer-songwriter, Lupen Crook, and his band the Murderbirds

Accidents Occur Whilst Sleeping (2006)

Hauntingly distinctive and theatrical art rock on debut album from Chatham-based singer-songwriter, Lupen Crook

Love 80 (2006)

Scary, but appealing third single from much acclaimed singer-songwriter Lupen Crook

Halloween (2005)

Impressive, suitably spooky second single from Medway-based songsmith Lupen Crook

Petals Fresh From Road Kill (2005)

Impressive debut single, released in three different formats, from Medway-based acoustic singer songwriter with an abrasive edge Lupen Crook

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