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Lisa Germano


Interview (2013)

Lisa Germano - Interview

Lisa Torem chats to cult artist Lisa Germano about her album, 'No Elephants', and working with Calexico, Johnny Marr, Michael Gira and the Smashing Pumpkins

Interview (2006)

Lisa Germano - Interview

One of America's most unorthodox singer-songwriters and the veteran of eight albums, Lisa Germano talks to Sarah Johnson about her haunting new album 'In the Maybe World'

Interview (2003)

Lisa Germano - Interview

Former 4AD star Lisa Germano has not released an album for the last five years, but is now back with a new record 'Lullaby for Liquid Pig' and also 'Best of' and rarities compilations. David McNamee talks to her about her comeback


Magic Neighbor (2009)

Surreally haunting and dream-like tenth album from American singer-songwriter, Lisa Germano

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