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Kraftwerk-The Catalogue (2009)

Kraftwerk - Kraftwerk-The Catalogue

Jon Rogers, in the first part of a two part profile, examines the history of seminal German electro outfit Kraftwerk, and 'The Catalogue', a new box set, which collects together all their albums between 1974 and 2003...

Kraftwerk-The Influence (2009)

Kraftwerk - Kraftwerk-The Influence

...while in the second part he looks at their influence on acts as diverse as David Bowie, Afrika Bambaataa and Ian Dury


New Theatre, Oxford, 6/6/2017

Kraftwerk - New Theatre, Oxford, 6/6/2017

Nick Dent-Robinson finds electronic pioneers Kraftwerk still sounding futuristic with a set of their now classic material at the New Theatre in Oxford


The Image That Made Me Weep (2022)

Kraftwerk - The Image That Made Me Weep

In our column 'The Image That Made Me Weep', in which our writers write about the impact of a particular photo or image on them, Tommy Gunnarsson writes of a rare photo that finds Kraftwerk smiling.


Minimum-maximum (2005)

Impressive double CD and first official live album, recorded during last year's universally praised world tour, from seminal German electronic pioneers Kraftwerk

Tour De France Soundtracks (2003)

First album in 17 years from German electro-pioneers Kraftwerk finds them celebrating the world's toughest cycle race and remaining "a power house still to be reckoned with"



Interview Wolfgang Flur - Interview

Former member and percussionist of electronic legends Kraftwerk, Wolfgang Flür is set to release his new LP ‘Magazine 1’. Andrew Twambley chatted with him about the making of the album and how its impressive list of collaborators came about.

Wolfgang Flur
Interview Wolfgang Flur - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to former Kraftwerk drummer and percussionist Wolfgang Flür about his new retrospective 'Eloquence', which compiles all his pop recordings from 2002 until 2014


Florian Schneider
1947-2020 Florian Schneider - 1947-2020

Maarten Schiethart reflects on the groundbreaking career of the late Kraftwerk co-founder Florian Schneider


Bluedot Festival
Jodrell Bank, Cheshire, 20/7/2019...21/7/2019 Bluedot Festival - Jodrell Bank, Cheshire, 20/7/2019...21/7/2019

At the last two days of the Bluedot Festival Shirley Procter watches sets by Easy Star All Stars, Omar Souleyman, Jarvis Cocker, Kraftwerk and She Drew The Gun.

Bluedot Festival
Photoscapes 4 Bluedot Festival - Photoscapes 4

In the last of our four 'Photoscapes' dedicated to the Bluedot Festival Andrew Twambley takes photographs of Kraftwerk, Du Blonde, Self Esteem, She Drew The Gun, TVAM and Les Amazones D'Afrique.


German Electronica
Profile Reuber - Profile

It has been nearly twenty five years since Kraftwerk released 'The Man Machine.' With German electronica still as popular now, David McNamee examines its status now, particulary with regard to recent releases by Station 17+ and by the Staubgold label.

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