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Kat Parsons


Interview (2012)

Kat Parsons - Interview

Lisa Torem chats to North Carolina quintet about their just released fifth album 'Fairytales and Other Forms of Suicide' and working with Big Star

Interview (2002)

Kat Parsons - Interview

On a recent British tour with Doug Hoekstra, the dynamic Kat Parsons proved to be a sensation. In an interview with John Clarkson, she talks about her debut album "Framing Caroline' and her recent decision to move to L.A.


It Matters to Me (2013)

Intimate and magical third and final part in the extraordinary series of EPs that American singer-songwriter Kat Parsons has released during the last year

Talk to Me (2012)

Outstanding new EP, the first of three this year, from Los Angeles-based singer-songwrter, Kat Parsons

Framing Caroline (2001)

23 year old country pop singer-songwriter Kat Parsons' debut album 'Framing Caroline' is unfortunately a record that does not equal all of its parts. The daughter of both a Viennese opera house st



Kat Parsons
Interview Baltic Fleet - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to Los Angeles-based pop-rock artist Kat Parsons about her new three five-song EPs/mini-albums, which have been fan-funded and why she has decided to separately release them

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