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Blanc Check Records


Blancmange (2017)

Unfurnished Rooms
Slowed-down but enjoyable seventh studio album from seminal 80's synth pop pioneers Blancmange

Blancmange (2018)

Thought-provoking and challenging ninth album from seminal synth pop act Blancmange, which shows an increasingly uneasy relationship with technology

Blancmange (2020)

Fabulous twelfth album from synth pioneers Blancmange which returns to their early poppy 80's heyday

Blancmange (2021)

Commercial Break
1980s synth-pop progenitors Blancmange maintain their highly prolific release rate with a solid new addition to their discography

Near Future (2018)

Ideal Home
Stunning minimalist electronica on debut album from Near Future, the new side projcect of Blancmange's Neil Arthur and experimental artist Bernholz

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