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Burning Heart Records


Giuda (2016)

Speaks Evil
Fantastic third album from Rome-based band, who deliver riffs like AC/DC and Status Quo were still in their youth

Millencolin (2001)

Life On A Plate
'Life On A Plate', the second album by Millencolin, Sweden’s finest softcore punk outfit, is a perfect example that America doesn’t totally rule the punk music genre. Millencolin, who hail from Öre

Millencolin (2001)

Pennybridge Pioneers
Örebro's softcore punk outfit Millencolin have added another album to their growing collection of excellent releases. Literally translated Örebro means Pennybridge, so hence the album name 'Pennybri

Samiam (2006)

Whatever's Got You Down
Enjoyable punk rock from Californian band Samiam, back after an absence of four years

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