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Widsom Twin Books


Dodson and Fogg (2014)

In a Strange Slumber
Exceptional 60’s-influenced psychedelia, prog rock and folk on sxith album, the project of prolific Leeds-based musician Chris Wade, which includes a guest appearance from ‘The Young Ones’ actor Nigel Planer

Dodson and Fogg (2017)

Down at the Beach/Five Songs from the Cave
Two EPs from Dodson & Fogg, the music project from the prolific Chris Wade who has released a dozen albums in the past five years and still not run out of ideas

Dodson and Fogg (2017)

Follow the Path
Fast return for the prolific Dodson and Fogg, the project of multi-instrumentalist Chris Wade who on this latest collection of melodic pop/prog/folk proves once more that he is one of our best innovators

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