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Widsom Twin Books


Dodson and Fogg (2014)

In a Strange Slumber
Exceptional 60’s-influenced psychedelia, prog rock and folk on sxith album, the project of prolific Leeds-based musician Chris Wade, which includes a guest appearance from ‘The Young Ones’ actor Nigel Planer

Dodson and Fogg (2017)

Follow the Path
Fast return for the prolific Dodson and Fogg, the project of multi-instrumentalist Chris Wade who on this latest collection of melodic pop/prog/folk proves once more that he is one of our best innovators

Dodson and Fogg (2017)

Down at the Beach/Five Songs from the Cave
Two EPs from Dodson & Fogg, the music project from the prolific Chris Wade who has released a dozen albums in the past five years and still not run out of ideas

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