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Hitback Records


Spearmint (2001)

Different Lifetime
I don't know what it is about Spearmint that makes me like them as much as I do. I'm also not sure why I consider them a "guilty pleasure" of sorts. Fortunately knowing the "why" of those questions

Spearmint (2009)

A Week Away
Not entirely satisfactory reissue of under-rated London-based indie pop band Spearmint's 1999 debut album

Spearmint (2014)

News From Nowhere
Solid first album in eight years from undervalued London indie pop outfit, Spearmint

Spearmint (2020)

Are You From the Future?
Fantastic new album from under-rated London-based indie pop outfit Spearmint which proves a first-rate return to form

Telley (2009)

Now I'm the Big Sister
Catchy seventies-influenced sunshine pop on debut album from Telley, the side project of James Parsons from Spearmint

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