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Ecstatic Peace


Awesome Color (2008)

Electric Aborigines
Sharp-sounding Stooges-influenced high energy rock on second album from New York trio Awesome Color

Awesome Color (2010)

Massa Hypnos
Vitalic and enthusiastic, but often bland Stooges and MC5-influenced third album from Brooklyn-based trio, Awesome Color

Glass Rock (2009)

Talls Firs Meets Soft Location
Lacklustre debut album from Glass Rock, the side project of Brookyln-based avant-garde bands Talls Firs and Soft Location

Hush Arbors (2008)

Hush Arbors
Surprisingly oftena brasive alternative folk from Hush Arbors, the project of Virginian musician Keith Wood who has on this album collaborated with Six Organs of Admittance and Comets on Fire guitarist Ben Chasny

Hush Arbors (2009)

Yankee Reality
Poignant and dreamlike merging of folk, country and psychedelia produced by J Mascis on latest album from Hush Arbors, the project of Virginia-based musician Keith Wood

John Blum (2009)

In the Shade of Sun
Effectively performed free jazz from pianist John Blum, which nevertheless seems out of context and out of time

Little Claw (2009)

Human Taste
Accomplished, yet unoriginal-sounding No Wave-influenced lo-fi noise rock on third album from Portland, Oregon-based group,Little Claw

Magik Markers (2007)

Artistically effective and intriguing new album from the Magic Markers who have switched from off-the-cuff noisemakers to music with a more melodic and acoustic sound

MV & EE with the Golden Road (2007)

Gettin' Gone
Hit and miss Neil Young-inspired latest outing from art-damaged New York weird-folk duo MV & EE.

MV+EE (2010)

Barn Nova
Inventive psychedelia on latest album from New York-based weird folk two piece, MV + EE

Nancy Garcia (2010)

Be the Climb
Frequently unlistenable, but also sometimes brilliant debut album from New York-based multimedia performer and experimentalist, Nancy Garcia

Sunburned Hand Of The Man (2010)

Engrossing vinyl only latest album from Boston-based act Sunburned Hand of the Man, which released under the moniker of Sunburned, proves remarkably comprehensive despite the band releasing another twelve albums last year

Tall Firs (2008)

Too Old to Die Young
Thoughtful and excellent second album from much acclaimed Maryland psychedelic folk duo Tall Firs, which like its predecessor has been released on Sonic Youth's Thurstone Moore's Ecstatic Peace label

Thurston Moore (2007)

Trees Outside the Academy
Surprisingly acoustic, but impressive solo record from Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore, which contains only the merest hint of the discordant feedback that he is renowned for

Wand (2009)

Hard Knox
Contemplative and somewhat dark home recordings recorded over a five year period from Wand, the side project of James Toth of Wooden Wand

White Out With Jim O'Rourke And Thurston Moore (2009)

Occasionally gruelling, but ultimately riveting latest album from improvisational New York-based act White Out, which includes contributions from Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth

Wooden Wand (2007)

James and the Quiet
Outstanding collection of folk and swamp blues from apparently the last album from Wooden Wand, which is the project of Ameircan musician James Toth, and has been produced by Lee Ranaldo from Sonic Youth

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