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Kat Parsons


Kat Parsons (2012)

Talk to Me
Outstanding new EP, the first of three this year, from Los Angeles-based singer-songwrter, Kat Parsons

Kat Parsons (2013)

It Matters to Me
Intimate and magical third and final part in the extraordinary series of EPs that American singer-songwriter Kat Parsons has released during the last year



Kat Parsons
Interview Baltic Fleet - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to Los Angeles-based pop-rock artist Kat Parsons about her new three five-song EPs/mini-albums, which have been fan-funded and why she has decided to separately release them

Kat Parsons
Interview Kat Parsons - Interview

On a recent British tour with Doug Hoekstra, the dynamic Kat Parsons proved to be a sensation. In an interview with John Clarkson, she talks about her debut album "Framing Caroline' and her recent decision to move to L.A.

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