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Digital Hardcore


Alec Empire (2002)

Intelligence And Sacrifice
"Challenging" mixture of "Ministry-style metal with garage punk, industrial and dance music" on Digital Hardcore boss and Atari Teenage Riot frontman Alec Empire's latest solo offering



Alec Empire
London Mean Fiddler, 30/4/2002 Alec Empire - London Mean Fiddler, 30/4/2002

The missing link between hard dance and punk metal, Alec Empire and his Digital Hardcore label now have a legendary cult following. Mark Rowland watches the Atari Teenage Riot frontman play a "spectacular" solo show at the Mean Fiddler

Panik DHH
Barfly, London, 19/9/2004 Miscellaneous - Barfly, London, 19/9/2004

The latest recruits to the Digital Hardcore label, Panik DHH are enough to send Slipknot running for their mothers. Daniel Cressey watches them transform the London Garage into "a soundscape of white noise, black noise and just plain noise"

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