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Decor Records


Amazing Pilots (2005)

Hello My Captor
Stunning eclectic indie rock on first album from Irish-based group the Amazing Pilots, who have toured with Richmond Fontaine

Chuck Prophet (2010)

Dreaming Waylon's Dreams
Superb second album this year from former Green on Red man Chuck Prophet, which completely covers Waylon Jennings 1975 album, 'Dreaming My Dreams'

Franz Nicolay (2010)

Luck and Courage
Delightful Broadway-influenced second solo album from former Hold Steady keyboardist, Franz Nicolay

Mark Eitzel (2012)

Don't Be A Stranger
Heartfelt and powerful latest solo album from ex-American Music Club front man, Mark Eitzel

Richard Buckner (2011)

Our Blood
Glorrious and seemingly effortless first album in five years from acclaimed American singer-songwriter, Richard Buckner

Richmond Fontaine (2009)

We Used To Think The Freeway Sounded Like A River
Cinematic and atmospheric eighth studio album from Portland, Oregon-based group Richmond Fontaine, which, while often sadly bleak in its subject matter, is also emphatically life affirming

Richmond Fontaine (2007)

Thirteen Cities
Enthrallingly musically diverse and lyrically compassionate seventh album from Portland, Oregon-based alt. rockers, Richmond Fontaine

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