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Vice Records


Black Lips (2009)

200 Million Thousand
Wildly uneven fifth album from Atlanta, Georgia punks Black Lips which has them abandoning the manic psychosis of their previous releases and thrilling, intriguing and above all confusing their audience

King Khan & The Shrines (2008)

The Supreme Genius Of
Splendid retro soul on new compilation from Montreal-raised but now Berlin-based garage punk King Khan which merges together tracks from his three albums and various hard-to-find singles

Mike Bones (2009)

A Fool for Everyone
Bleak, totally lacking-in-hope second album from New York-based guitarist and singer-songwriter, Mike Bones

OFF! (2012)

Furious and brief political punk on often intoxicating debut album from OFF!, the new band of fomrer Black Flag singer Keith Morris

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