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Sunshine Drenchy Records


Anna O (2011)

Comin' Home
Captitivating and fascinating fourth album from unique-sounding New Mexico-based singer-songwriter, Anna O

Ditchflowers (2011)

Bird's Eye
Timeless pop on latest album from Tampa supergroup the Ditchflowers, which, after a shaky start and opening number, finds them not putting a foot wrong

Ditchflowers (2008)

Carried Away
Exceptional melodic pop from Tampa-based outfit the Ditchflowers, which while having a classic sound also has a fresh edge

Ed Woltil (2014)

Paper Boats
Stunning second solo album from Florida-based singer-songwriter and former Ditchflowers front man, which draws strong comparisons with Harry Nilsson and Jimmy Webb

Ed Woltil (2020)

One in My Tree
Second solo album from former Ditchflower Ed Woltil has been a long time coming but is well worth the wait

Ricky Wilcox & The Moonsnakes (2012)

Last Day On Planet Earth
Fabulous 60's influenced summery pop on new album from Tampa Bay-based singer-songwriter Ricky Wilcox and his latest band, The Moonsnakes

Steve Connelly and the Lesser Gods (2010)

Every Monster
Superb debut album from Florida-based msuciian and acclaimed former Headights guitarist, Steve Connelly

Steve Robinson (2008)

Classic-sounding, 60's-influenced pop on second solo album from British-born, singer-songwriter Steve Robinson, whose former group the Headlights shared the same stages as the Band, Steve Winwood and the Smithereens and worked as Roger McGuinn's touring band

Steve Robinson (2011)

The Rest of Our Lives E.P.
Outstanding new EP of 60's-influenced classic pop from Tampa Bay expatriate singer-songwriter Steve Robinson, which finds him looking back nostalgically on his youth in Lincolnshire

Steve Robinson and Ed Woltil (2022)

Shadow Play
Second album from ex-Headlights and Ditchflowers members Steve Robinson and Ed Woltil provides a dozen slices of perfect pop perfection and is one of 2022’s best

Steve Robinson and Ed Woltil (2015)

Captivating collaborative album from British-born but Florida-based former Roger McGuinn guitarist Steve Robinson and Ditchflowers’ front man Ed Woltil

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