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Demolition Records


Die So Fluid (2010)

The World is Too Big for One Lifetime
Enjoyable, if repetitive-sounding hard rock on third album from London-based group, Die so Fluid

Hanoi Rocks (2007)

Street Poetry
Diverse rock with attitude on latest album from the every durable Hanoi Rocks

Hydrogyn (2008)

Deadly Passions
Unsubtle, but highly impressive second album from female-fronted metal band, Hydrogen

Lauren Harris (2009)

Your Turn
Over hyped new single from Lauren Harris, the daughter of Iron Maiden's Steve Harris, which,while radio friendly, comes across as tired-sounding and lacklustre

W.A.S.P (2007)

Straight-to-the-point, but also surprisingly political new album from heroes of shock rock, W.A.S.P.

W.A.S.P. (2009)

Unadventurous and routine-sounding latest album from durable Los Angeles metal act, W.A.S.P.

Wednesday 13 (2008)

Melancholic and heavy-sounding third album from former Murderdolls frontman, Wednesday 13, which lacks the catchiness of its predecessors

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