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Le Volume Courbe (2005)

I Killed My Best Friend
Experimental debut album from le Volume Courbe, the project of French musician Charlotte Marionneau, upon which she is assisted by by My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields and Colm O'Ciosoig and Mazzy Star's David Roback and Hope Sandoval

Rocket Juice & the Moon (2012)

Rocket Juice & the Moon
Clumsy Afro funk on debut album from Rocket Juice & the Moon, the latest project of Damon Albarn

Simone White (2007)

I am the Man
Dreamy and easy-on-the-ear mixture of folk, soul and jazz on second album fromthe LA-based singer-songwrier Simone White, which unfortunately does little to stand out from the pack of other female singer-songwriters

Vladislav Delay Quartet (2011)

Vladislav Delay Quartet
Heavyweight third album from Finnish experimental group, the Vladislav Delay Quartet

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