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Lise Westzynthius (2004)

Heavy Dream
Perfect late night/early morning debut album in the style of Julee Cruise from Scandinavian singer-songwriter Lise Westzynthius, which, despite being released in 1992 originally, has long been unavailable outsider her native Denmark

Rhonda Harris (2004)

Under The Satellite
Thoughtful and well-crafted melodic pop on second album from Danish group Rhonda Harris, which has been released concurrently with frontman Nikolaj Norlund's own debut solo album

Rhonda Harris (2007)

Tell the World We tried
Fine and sometimes surprising tribute collection of Townes Van Zandt songs from Danish band Rhonda Harris

Test (2004)

Milk In My Language
Grey and moody debut album from Scandinavian duo Test, which proves to be "full of ideas and brimming with talent"



DVD-Suicidal Tendencies
Live at the Olympic Auditorium Suicidal Tendencies - Live at the Olympic Auditorium

American punk band Suicidal Tendencies' new DVD is a concert film shot at the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles shortly before the venue's closure. r. fisher discovers that, while having much to recommend it, it has many of the flaws of other live performance films

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