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Wire (2003)

Far-from-pretty, butspectacular post-punk rock from the much acclaimed Wire, returning with their first new studio album in ten years



Anti Flag
Interview Anti Flag - Interview

Anti-Flag are one of the most political of all the big names on the current punk circuit. On their latest album 'The Terror State' they have turned their fury on George Bush. Frontman Justin Sane tells Anastasia Grabov his philosophy of life

A Wilhelm Scream
Interview Miscellaneous - Interview

Massachusetts-based punk metal band A Wilhelm Scream talk to Andy Vincent at a gig at the London Astoria supporting Anti Flag about touring the UK and recent changes in their personnel


Electric Flag
Profile Electric Flag - Profile

Nicky Crewe reflects on the career of original 60's supergroup Electric Flag, whose compilation album 'Old Glory: The Best of Electric Flag' has recently been reissued.

Michael Bloomfield
Profile Michael Bloomfield - Profile

Mike Bloomfield was once known as a Chicago blues icon, playing with The Butterfield Blues Band, The Electric Flag, and as a soloist. Lisa Torem listens to two newly-released albums of his stunning work.


Anti Flag/A Wilhelm Scream
Astoria, London, 13/5/2006 Anti Flag - Astoria, London, 13/5/2006

At a gig at the Astoria in London, Andy Vincent finds headliners Anti Flag's politically-stanced punk rock starting to quickly grate, but support band A Wilhelm Scream on blistering form

Taste of Chaos
Brixton Academy, London, 18/11/2006 Bannlust Chasm - Brixton Academy, London, 18/11/2006

Taste of Chaos is an all day show which supports some of the biggest and fastest rising stars of the punk and emo scene. At the London date of the tour, Andy Vincent watches performances from Taking Back Sunday, Anti Flag, Underoath, Alexisonfire, Senses Fail and Saosin

Henry Rollins
Academy, Leeds, 22/1/2010 Henry Rollins - Academy, Leeds, 22/1/2010

Spencer Robertshaw at the Leeds Academy watches former Black Flag front man Henry Rollins put on a compelling three hour spoken word performance that is poignant, fascinating and chokingly funny by turns

Paint It Black
Underworld, London, 24/6/2005 Paint It Black - Underworld, London, 24/6/2005

Paint it Black recently completed a European tour. At the London Underworld Philip Vincent sees them take "the over-used Black Flag style of aggro punk" and rejuvenate it "with an armful of adrenalin directed straight to the frontal lobes"

Deconstruction Festival
Brixton Academy, London, 6/6/2004 Pennywise - Brixton Academy, London, 6/6/2004

At London's Deconstruction Festival, Philip Vincent finds himself reconverted to punk after watching sets from the likes of Pennywise, MxPx., Anti-Flag, the Slackers and the Beatsteaks

Henry Rollins
Live at Dudley JBs Rollins Band - Live at Dudley JBs

Hard man of rock Henry Rollins has recently much to his own disgust passed 40. David McNamee finds the former Black Flag star and elder statesman of hardcore to be on blistering form at a gig in Wolverhampton.


Hardcore Punk Story
Part 1-The Early Years 1977-1986 Miscellaneous - Part 1-The Early Years 1977-1986

In the first in a series profiling the rise of American hardcore, Mark Rowland examines its early years and the long-term impact of five of its best known bands, Minor Threat, Black Flag, Bad Brains, the Dead Kennedys and the Descendents

The Rise and Fall of Gator Miscellaneous - The Rise and Fall of Gator

With a punk soundtrack that includes Black Flag and Anti Flag, new DVD film documentary 'Stoked' tells of 80's skateboarding hero, Mark ‘Gator’ Rogowski, who is now in prison for murder. Daniel Cressey profiles the film, and tells of Gator's downfall

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