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Film Guerrero


Transmissionary Six (2005)

Get Down
Brooding third album from the Transmissionary Six, the increasingly lush-sounding project of ex-Willard Grant Conspiracy guitarist Paul Austin and Walkabouts' drummer Terri Moeller


Interview (2002)

Miscellaneous - Interview

First formed at the beginning of last year, Film Guerrero is a new alternative rock label from Portland in Oregon with a strong emphasis on detail, and a rapidly growing international reputation. It was initially established by its owner, local record

Interview (2005)

Miscellaneous - Interview

Portland, Oregon ensemble Tracker have recently released the soundtrack to Craig Thompson's much acclaimed autobiographical graphic novel 'Rewards.' Frontman John Askew speaks to John Clarkson about rewards and difficulties of recording it



Holy Sons
Interview Holy Sons - Interview

Emil Amos's band Holy Sons spent a decade in self-imposed musical exile, but have now released an album 'I Want to Live a Peaceful Life' through FILM Guerrero. He chats about it, and the other albums and EPs he has planned for the near future


FILM Guerrero
Interview with John Askew Miscellaneous - Interview with John Askew

Oregon-based alternative rock label FILM Guerrero has a rapidly escalating international reputation. Back for a second interview, label boss John Askew takes time out from his busy schedule to talk about his label's frantic last 18 months

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