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Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower (2005)

Love In The Fascist Brothel
Equal parts intoxicating and unlistenable art punk madness on debut album from the Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower

Shai Hulud (2005)

A Comprehensive Retrospective
Rarities collection from now defunct aggressive hardcore act Shai Halud, who seem unlikely to outlive their scene

Since By Man (2005)

Pictures Of The Hotel Apocalypse
Exciting second album from Since by Man, which blends together both modern and earlier hardcore influences and whose twisted styling draws comparisions with both the Locust and the Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower



Anthony Phillips Anthony Phillips - Anthony Phillips

Anthony Phillips was the original guitarist with Genesis and appeared on their debut, 'From Genesis to Revelation'. Malcolm Carter examines three of his solo albums, 'The Geese and the Ghost', 'Wise After the Event' and '1984, all of which have been recently reissued.


From Genesis to Revelation Gilbert O'Sullivan - From Genesis to Revelation

Malcolm Carter reflects upon Genesis's 1969 debut album, 'From Genesis to Revelation', which has just been reissued in a remastered edition


Soundtrack of Our Lives
The Music of The Band Band - The Music of The Band

In the latest in our 'Soundtrack to Our Lives' series, in which our writers describe the personal impact of music on their lives, Carl Bookstein writes about the revelation for him of discovering the music of The Band in his late teens

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