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Ass Ponys (2001)

Some Stupid With A Flare Gun
Beset by problems, mostly relating to distribution, personnel and record labels (I guess for a band, that’s about as difficult as it gets!) since their inception back in 1988, the Ass Ponys, from Cinc

Minus (2004)

Long Face
Latest single from Icelandic art rockers Minus, which unfortunately "lyrically...reads like an eighth grade poetry competition"



Peter Hook
Interview Joy Division - Interview

Anthony Strutt talks to bassist Peter Hook about his second book ‘Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division’, which tells of his life in Joy Division


Natalie McCool
Bodega, Nottingham, 15/9/20!6 Natalie McCool - Bodega, Nottingham, 15/9/20!6

Dave Goodwin watches Natalie McCool play a first-rate set at Nottingham's Bodega on the back of releasing her new album 'The Great Unknown'.


Lonely Hearts
The Lonely Hearts Lonely Hearts - The Lonely Hearts

In our 'Re:View' section Malcolm Carter examines a new vinyl only compilation of power-pop heaven from Sydney’s the Lonely Hearts, an underrated and, outside of Australia, almost unknown band from the 80's.

Re : View-Pressurehed
Explain the Unexplained Miscellaneous - Explain the Unexplained

In the latest in our 'Re :View' series, in which we look back upon albums that we feel deserve further re-evaluation, Andrew Carver examines Los Angeles space rockers Pressurehed's relatively unknown 1997 masterwork 'Explaining the Unexplained'

Uther Pendragon
San Francisco Earthquake Uther Pendragon - San Francisco Earthquake

In our 'Re: View' section, in which reflect on albums from the past, Keith How examines a new compilation of long lost recordings from Uther Pendragon, an unknown late 1960's/1970's San Francisco psychedelic/rock band


Sonido Polifonico
Under the Radar Miscellaneous - Under the Radar

In his new column 'Under the Radar', in which he will examining lesser known artists and labels, Keith How investigates Sonido Polifonico, a Sheffield micro label with a taste for the unusual and unknown

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