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4,000,000 Telephones (2007)

4,000,000 Telephones
Unappealing reissue of experimental and sloganeering Marxist group 4, 000,000 Telephones' 1985 only album

Friends (2002)

Best Of
Eclectic and examplary retrospective on the Summerhouse label of the 15 year long career of cult indiepop group, Friends

Friends (2002)

Beautiful You
First album in seven years from the popular London-based indiepop band, Friends, which finds the band drawing comparisions with both Aztec Camera and the Divine Comedy

Friends (2004)

Late Night Early Morning
Strong and impressive uptempo eighth album from long-serving, British-based indie popsters, Friends

Friends (2009)

Single Friends
Impressive and also timely compilation of melodic pop which crosses over twenty years from C-86 survivors Friends



Interview Part 3 Friends - Interview Part 3

In the third and final part of our interview with long-serving C86 act Friends, Tommy Gunnarsson talks to frontman William Jones about the art of writing a great pop song, and his own label Summerhouse

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