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Secretly Canadian


Ativin (2004)

Night Mute
Dark "exploration of the themes of death, hopelessness and fear” from post-rockers Ativin, wwhich unfortunately overdoses on its own blackness

Br Danielson (2004)

Brother Is To Son
Quirky, but slight solo debut album from Br. Danielson of Danielson Famile fame

Songs Ohia (2001)

The Lioness
This is the fourth full length album from Chicago's Songs:Ohia and has been recorded with the help of friends from Arab Strap and Appendix Out in Glasgow, Scotland, which may give you some inkling as

Swearing At Motorists (2001)

Number Seven Uptown
No longer heard in Guided By Voices, the band's former drummer, Don Thrasher, has got together with Dave Doughman to form Swearing At Motorists. Well most motorists need to be sworn at, but with this

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