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Kool Arrow


Asesino (2003)

Corridos de Muerte
Death obsessed Thin Lizzy inspired metal from brutal, but ultimately inspiring Mexican trio, Asesino

Dureforsog (2001)

Exploring Beauty
Imagine a sonic pile-up involving Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Joy Division (sans the ghost of Ian Curtis), Nine Inch Nails and darkest Depeche Mode and suddenly 'Exploring Beauty', the recent release

Dureforsog (2002)

Engine Machine
Experimental, but slightly uninspired second album on the Kool Arrow label from Danish Quartet, Dureforsog

Flattbush (2003)

Smash The Octopus
Left-wing metalcore from Filipono four-piece with an over-reliance on "speed and crunch"

Harmful (2007)

No nonsense and pleasurably old fashioned rock on seventh album from US hard rockers Harmful

Kultur Shock (2004)

Kultur Diktatura
Compelling latest album from Kultur Shock, which fronted by Bosnian Serb vocalist Gino Srdjan Yvedjevich, finds the band experimenting with "a magnitude of ethnic styles" and touching on "metal, balkan punk and oriental music"

Kultur Shock (2006)

We Came To Take Your Jobs Away
Fourth CD from ever-excellent Seattle-based gypsy punks Kultur Shock, which, while possibly their weakest album, proves nevertheless to be totally involving

Kutur Shock (2002)

Fucc The INS
Inspired gypsy-influenced music that bubbles "with energy, determination, wit, irony and variety, and blends together superbly punky polka, dubby ska and traditional Balkan music."

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