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Doug Hoekstra Combo (2001)

Live 09/09/2000
In a recent interview with the Pennyblackmusic site, Laurent Orseau and Eloise Steclebout, the owners of the new French micro-label hinah, explained that, as well as being more cost-effective, the rea

Empty House Cooperative (2001)

Improvisional Music
The Empty House Cooperative is the musical project of David Michael Curry,a classically trained viola player who is best known for his work as a regular recording and touring member of the Boston alt

La Nuit Americaine (2002)

When The Music Ends
Powerful limited-to-just 50 copies fourth release on the hinah label from Italian post rock group and Pennyblackmusic favourites La Nuit Americaine

Magic 12 (2001)

It has been almost exactly a year since Magic 12 released their acclaimed second studio album 'Dear Diary'. The cult Boston five piece were once described as "somewhere between the Velvet Underground

Transmissionary Six (2002)

Atmospheric very limited album made by the brooding and cinematic Transmissionary Six, which, features Walkabouts drummer Terri Moeller on vocals and ex-WGC member Paul Austin on guitar, on a pirate radio station boat in Seattle

Vera Clouzot (2001)

The French group Vera Clouzot first formed in Lille in 1993 when vocalist Pierre Laplace, a young teacher, then aged twenty four, began practicing music with two of his sixteen year old pupils, guitar


Interview (2002)

Miscellaneous - Interview

Laurent Orseau and his girlfriend Eloise Steclebout are both well known figures in independent rock circles in their native France. The two, who live in Paris, worked until recently for the French



Empty House Cooperative
Interview with David Michael Curry Empty House Cooperative - Interview with David Michael Curry

Improvisational consortium, the Empty House Cooperative have recently released their debut album on the hinah label. With other albums in the pipeline, the group's leader David Curry talks about what promises to be an exciting year for the Boston projec

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