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Flower Shop


Copenhagen (2001)

Tales from the Forest
Copenhagen are a unique rarity, a complete one-off of a group with a hugely distinctive sound that can be listened to at a variety of different levels. The eight piece mini orchestra's debut album 'Ta

Elysian Fields (2001)

Queen of the Meadow
Released on the London-based small independent label, the Flower Shop Recordings, 'Queen of the Meadow' is Elsyian Fields's third album, but first British release. Elysian Fields were formed by Jennif

Rhonda Harris (2002)

The Trouble With
Latest offering from Flower Shop Recordings label by Scandinavian band Rhonda Harris is sung part in English, part in Danish, and while reminiscent on some songs of Prefab Sprout and Leonard Cohen, proves quickly difficult to pigeonhole to any category.

Sophia (2001)

De Nachten
From the sea to the river.... Sophia's third album, and first live recording, the neo-orchestral 'De Nachten ', is a striking and evocative affair of the heart that runs a gamut of emotions from


Interview with Robin Proper-Sheppard (2002)

Miscellaneous - Interview with Robin Proper-Sheppard

?k,tablished in early 1994, the London based independent label Flower Shop Recordings has grown over the course of the last nearly eight years from being a low key 7" limited edition bedroom label into a small self-financing independent record compan



Interview with Robin Proper-Sheppard Sophia - Interview with Robin Proper-Sheppard

The frontman with Sophia,Robin Proper-Sheppard, talks to John Clarkson about his decision to sign to the City Slang label after years of putting out his records on his own Flower Shop label, and his diverse new record, 'People are Like Seasons'

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