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Athlete (2009)

Black Swan
Anthemic-sounding pop on excellent fourth album from London-based act, Athlete

Kate Nash (2007)

New single from much hyped London singer-songwriter Kate Nash, which finds her on what is only her second single outgunning Lily Allen

White Lies (2011)

Outstanding, more keyboard-dominated second album from much acclaimed London-based alternative rock group, White Lies


Hardback Fiction

Dave Goodwin chats to rising Nottingham-based band Hardback Fiction at the Deerstock Festival about how a change in their line-up has changed their sound and given them a new sense of direction

Urge Overkill
Interview Urge Overkill - Interview

Urge Overkill are best known for their cover of Neil Diamond's 'Girl You Will Be A Woman Soon’ on the 'Pulp Fiction' soundtrack, but have another five albums to their credit. Singer Eddie Roeser speaks to Olga Sladeckova about his band's long history


Mike Gayle
Interview Mike Gayle - Interview

Former fanzine writer and magazine agony editor Mike Gayle has now written six books of fiction about male-female relationhips. He chats to Anthony Strutt about them and his interest in rock music

Punk Fiction Miscellaneous - Punk Fiction

Mark Rowland examines 'Punk Fiction', a charity collection of short stories, in which assorted writers including Nicholas Hogg, Martin Lloyd Edwards,John Niven, Kate Jackson, Billy Bragg and Billy Childish write short stories based on punk rock songs


Fiction and Vinyl
Water Rat's, London, 19/3/2004 Miscellaneous - Water Rat's, London, 19/3/2004

Femme-led Brit Rockers Fiction and Dublin garage rockers Vinyl have been plodding around the music circuit for a few years. At a show at the London Water Rat's, Emma Haigh is struck by just far suddenly they have both come


Jon Hassell
City: Works of Fiction Jon Hassell - City: Works of Fiction

Jon Rogers reflects on avant-garde composer and trumpeter Jon Hassell's 1990 recording 'City: Works of Fiction', which has just been reissued in a three CD box set

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