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Maneskin - Rush! (Are U Coming?)

  by Zena Grieg

published: 19 / 1 / 2024

Maneskin - Rush! (Are U Coming?)
Label: Columbia
Format: Select Format


Enigmatic but appealing mix of angst alt-pop rock, with new songs sung in English, on updated version of 2023 album from Italian group Maneskin

Surprise Eurovision 2021 winners, Grammy-nominated Italian rockers Maneskin (Danish for ‘moonlight’) have brought out an extended version of their widely-acclaimed third album ‘Rush’, first released at the beginning of 2023 the updated version containing five new songs sung in English. Lead singer Damiano Davd described their sound as “a translation of the music of the past into modernity”. Songs to listen out for in this twenty-two-track album include: the melodic opener and single ‘Honey Are U Coming?’, released in advance of their world tour, described by David as “the story of someone who has no gender or anything…it’s an invitation from one person to another to join them into this new adventure, without knowing what they’re actually going to find, but just enjoy the adventure”; the over-the top ballad ‘Valentine’ with its exuberant lyrics: “…I cover myself in tattoos of us/Dream of the day we embrace and combust’; the moody, atmospheric ‘Travestere’, set in Rome, where the band used to busk in the streets during the tourist season; Ukraine-inspired ‘Gasoline’; glam-rock ‘Read Your Diary’; the sombre-themed ‘Mark Chapman' with its energetic instrumentation; the angry ‘La Fine’ with its spiky lyrics: “Just know it’s not the beginning, it’s the end/Even the prettiest rose has its thorns”; and the closer, the emotive power ballad ‘The Loneliest’. ‘Rush! (Are U Coming?)’ is an enigmatic, appealing mix of angst alt-pop rock.

Track Listing:-
1 Honey (Are U Coming?)
2 Valentine
3 Off My Face
4 The Driver
5 Trastevere
6 Own My Mind
7 Gossip
8 Timezone
9 Bla Bla Bla
10 Baby Said
11 Gasoline
12 Feel
13 Don't Wanna Sleep
14 Kool Kids
15 If Not For You
16 Ready Your Diary
17 Mark Chapman
18 La Fine
19 Il Dono Della Vita
20 Mammamia
21 Supermodel
22 The Loneliest

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