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Carla Fuchs - Songbird

  by Nick Dent-Robinson

published: 25 / 10 / 2023

Carla Fuchs - Songbird
Label: Carla Fuchs
Format: CD


Unique and innovative album from German songer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Carla Fuchs in which she has set lost lyrics from Sandy Denny to her own music

It is some 45 years since Sandy Denny died but her music still holds mystique, charm and attraction for many. Her fellow Fairport Convention musicians still play her songs and carry her torch. Over a decade ago Thea Gilmore added her own tunes to some forgotten Denny lyrics to create the attractive album, ‘Don't Stop Singing’. Many others regularly play Denny's music and, in addition, there have been various box sets, re-released records, complete tribute shows, bootlegs etc over the years – so the Denny legacy lives on. Now the talented German singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Carla Fuschs, has become entranced by Denny's music and released her own album, ‘Songbird’. Since 2020, Carla has including some of Denny's songs in her live performances and she also wrote her own song, .’Songbird’ that considers the relationship between Denny and her daughter, Georgia. This eventually led to Georgia (who was living in Melbourne, Australia) and Carla meeting and becoming close friends. Then, to Carla's delight, Georgia suggested Carla make an album using lyrics Denny had written but never put to music. Georgia also crafted the artwork for the album by merging her own sketches with some Sandy Denny had done. The result is a unique and very beautiful album! ‘Songbird’ has ten tracks – including the title track, Carla's own composition. From the lyric book which accompanies the record, the hand of Sandy Denny is unmistakeable with references to events and influences from her life. ‘Georgia’ is obviously a mother's lullaby to her infant; ‘Go West’ reflects Denny's thoughts when she was considering moving to America and ‘Halfway Home’ shows the loneliness and longing that solo touring can bring. And Carla Fuchs skilfully evokes Denny's spirit with her keyboard work, the 1971/72 feeling seeming just right. The guitar playing is compelling too – original but so evocative of Sandy Denny's style. Carla Fuchs produces also - superbly! ‘Songbird/ is a great album. It is sympathetic, intimate and innovative – and a wonderful celebration of the great legacy of the unique talent that Sandy Denny was!

Track Listing:-
1 Sixpence
2 Go West
3 Songbird
4 Simply Falls Apart
5 If You Are Free
6 Charme & Patience
7 Georgia
8 Half Way Home
9 Winter Elms & Winter Elms Spoken
10 Winning of the Game

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