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Dan Haywood - Country Dustbin

  by Steve Kinrade

published: 16 / 11 / 2021

Dan Haywood - Country Dustbin
Label: TakuRoku Records
Format: CD


Remarkable 'Ulysses'-influenced stream of consciousness poem set to music from Merseyside-based singer-songwriter Dan Haywood.

One of my favourite self-cliches is to declare that the best music creates its own universe in which its existence makes total sense, and with 'Country Dustbin', Haywood takes this idea and catapults it into a new paradigm. One song lasting just under 53 minutes treats us to a journey of an hypnotic blues groove where Haywood delivers a stream of consciousness poem that on first glance sounds preposterous, but actually works. The Pan Tangs etc veteran takes us on a sort of Joycean Odyssey, with parts of Merseyside standing in for 20th Century Dublin, creating a lyrical trip for Haywood’s collection of memories and thoughts. Apparently, Haywood’s backing band nailed their input in two takes, drawing inspiration from a slide show cast on the studio wall. And this is an indication where this sort of approach could be at its strongest with an audience. 'Country Dustbin' is a work that requires your full attention in order to gain the most from its creative intent. To assist the listener, we are provided with a useful lyric book that supports the prose of the piece. The forward states that the piece was composed in 216 midnight sessions between the years 2016 and 2019, a mighty task, again mirroring the expanse of Joyce’s most famous work. This requires “old-school” listening. Carve out some time to sit and pay attention to this artistic endeavour. You will be handsomely rewarded by such a hypnotic and dazzling musical adventure, perhaps paving the way for new cultural paradigms. That is for you to decide.

Track Listing:-
1 Country Dustbin

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