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Daydream Three - The Lazy Revolution

  by Julie Cruickshank

published: 18 / 10 / 2021

Daydream Three - The Lazy Revolution
Label: Bear of Bombay
Format: CD


Charming and expressive second album from Sicily’s Daydream Three, praising the joys of the simple things in life.

Italian guitarist and songwriter Enzo Pepi from Sicily, formerly with bands Twig Infection and The Pepi Band, and involved in the Sicilian post rock/noise rock scene of the 2000s has released his second album as Daydream Three, ‘The Lazy Revolution’, following on from his critically acclaimed debut ‘Daydream’. Sound engineer Carlo Barbagallo recorded Pepi along with Vincenzo Arisco on drums and Christian Cutrufo on bass for labels Noja Recordings and Altipiani. ‘The Lazy Revolution’ is essentially a love letter to the things we sometimes take for granted in life, reflected in such song titles as ‘Autumn Afternoon’ and ‘Harvest’. The latter is a lovely, dreamy celebration of the process of gathering grapes to make wine: “The vines are full of bunches/Inside a bottle there is the spirit of the earth.”.The sound undulates like heat ripples rising from a parched vineyard on a hot summer’s day. The album opens with ‘In The Air’, swirling percussion and fuzzy guitar calling to mind the trance-like states of Joy Division. Second track ‘1992’ segues into ‘Supermarket’, chiming guitars piercing churning drums and bass. Title track ‘The Lazy Revolution’ features unusual time signatures, while ‘Chemistry is OK’ growls with the essence of early Nirvana. ‘Exceptional Day’ brings us into rockier territory, and this is a track full of an energy which will best be expressed live onstage. ‘The Silence of the Country’ is a lovely, lazy, restrained song of praise to the pleasures of walking in the countryside. Recorded live in the studio for an immediacy which shines through, the reflective lyrics and many strands of rock influences combine to make ‘The Lazy Revolution’ a fine album which will bring much-deserved attention to the music of Daydream Three.

Track Listing:-
1 In the Air
2 1992
3 Supermarket
4 Harvest
5 The Lazy Revolution
6 Chemistry Is Ok
7 Autumn Afternoon
8 I Want Nothing More
9 Exceptional Day
10 Lips
11 The Silence of the Country
12 The Road

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