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Gordon Giltrap and Paul Brett - Raven Reflections

  by Andrew Twambley

published: 18 / 10 / 2021

Gordon Giltrap and Paul Brett - Raven Reflections
Label: Gordon Giltrap and Paul Brett
Format: Download


Outstanding collaboration from two of the UK's best and most original acoustic guitarists/songwriters Gordon Giltrap and Paul Brett which showcases Brett's specially designed Raven guitar.

Gordon Giltrap and Paul Brett are two of the UK's best and most original acoustic guitarists/songwriters, both of whom I have seen many times over the past few years. They are both masters of the guitar and in 'Raven Reflections' presents a collection of their unique musical talents and demonstrates the vast styles and genres that can be achieved on Brett's latest design for Vintage Guitars. The Raven is an electro acoustic with a definite Gothic look. I asked Gordon how this collaboration came about. He stated that he had acquired one of Paul’s latest Raven guitars and thought both musicians could compliment each other and offer six tracks each to highlight the unique sound of the guitar. Gordon offers all original instrumental tracks in various tunings. All are beautifully and sensitively played in his own unique style. Gordon's opening track 'The Kissing Gate' shows off his sensitive yet colourful style. It is full of joy and youth and covers the listener in a warm Summer glow. 'Loren' is a Giltrap standard, but this is a new version , especially recorded on The Raven for this album. It has a full tonal range and highlights his skills as both composer and player that has sustained his long career as one of the UK's finest in the acoustic guitar world. Paul on the other hand, offers five original songs and one instrumental. He is probably one of the UK's most versatile players, who has travelled the electric road with many name groups over the years and is now firmly established as one of the best twelve string guitarists in the World. Although no twelve string is present on his offerings here, he demonstrates just how proficient and versatile he is with the six string. Paul's first song 'Spring' is a new acoustic voice and guitar version from his highly acclaimed interpretation from his 'Songs from the Compleat Angler'. Based on the poems featured in Izaak Walton's mega selling book 'The Compleat Angler'. Of course Paul's version of Edgar Allen Poe's dark poems highlights his skill at putting to music incredibly descriptive lyrical works from the past. Poe's 'The Raven' which inspired his new guitar, is a unique blend of vocal and guitar skills, which puts him way out in front in this genre. Whilst both come from the same generation, they have vastly different musical backgrounds and playing styles. Yet their collective offerings on this album, really gel well, with a wide variety of instrumentals and songs, beautifully crafted and presented.

Track Listing:-
1 The Kissing Gate
2 Spring
3 Shining Morn
4 The Raven
5 Loren
6 The Blues
7 Down The River
8 The Pit And The Pendulum
9 Diadem
10 Study To be Quiet
11 Pofacetilly
12 The Fox's Prophecy

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