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Seafarers - Orlando

  by Keith How

published: 22 / 12 / 2020

Seafarers - Orlando
Label: Bethnal Records
Format: CD


Minimalist and immaculate debut album from London-based jazz outfit Seafarers which grows with each listening

'Orlando' is a thing of beauty. Four years in the making and recorded and produced with immaculate precision 'Orlando' nods gently in the direction of Virginia Woolf with poetic lyrical themes of isolation and nature. Seafarers are from the London Jazz scene and/or rooted in Scottish folk origin depending upon where you look. They are probably a mixture of both with an added touch of minimalism. Their record defies genre as such is its breadth and perfection. A simple enough format finds Matthew Herd on saxophones, Tom Taylor plays piano, Tom McCreadie, double bass contribute electric guitar and Dave Hamblet drums. Innes White (guitars), Philip Cardwell, Kevin Garrity and Tom Gibbs (wind instruments) and producer Euan Burton (guitar) also lend a hand. Vocalist Lauren Kinsella is the perfect fit for the music that lays gently on the soul. There is nothing rushed or overplayed here. Disciplined production makes space for the vocals to soar into the spacious and minimal mix, bringing a sense of intimacy to the listener. 'Virgin Soil' is the fourth single to be released before the complete album and is the sixth track. It follows the lovely piano instrumental 'A Life Without' and is a delightful gentle poetic ballad . The album opens with 'A Day Like Any Other', a short hymn to the everyday, and from then on in 'Orlando' unfolds like a book of short stories, each one exquisite and fulfilling. This recording from Seafarers is not going to blow your hi fi speakers out or annoy the neighbours at full blast and will not grab you at first listen but like a good painting it will reveal its secrets as you contemplate the art.

Track Listing:-

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