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Floodlights - From A View

  by Steve Kinrade

published: 13 / 9 / 2020

Floodlights - From A View
Label: Woo Me
Format: CD


Promising and exciting debut album from 80's-influenced Melbourne indie guitar band Floodlights

Having started my addiction to music in the mid Seventies, the opening tracks of Floodlights' debut album was like stumbling into the Tardis (helmed by the greatest 'Dr Who' ever….Jon Pertwee) and being whisked back to 1980 for my first ever fix of jingle-jangle indie guitar music. 'From a View' deliciously evokes those days of musical promise, with the likes of the the Go-Betweens and REM energetically awaiting their turn in the musical spotlight. In classic Garage/DIY style, 'From a View' was apparently recorded over a two day period onto a 24 track tape, thereby supposedly referencing and enhancing their authenticity in the recording process…analogue all the way. However, probably more prominent and supportive is the sparse production values that dovetail nicely with the seams that Floodlights mine - identity, personal growth and misuse of power. You could say 'From a View' is a very well recorded demo, and this would not be insulting. In the hands of an external producer this debut may have come out as over-blown with its lyrical and musical theme diluted. Can you imagine if Bob Ezrin had helmed this record? That’s enough to want you to go walk-about in despair. No, this is a honest record, and all the better for it. The album starts with the builder 'Water’s Edge', with great vocals from Louis Parsons and minimal guitar motifs reminiscent to these ears of the Pale Saints. Indeed, there is some nice guitar work on show, akin to 10,000 Maniacs in their pomp…Rob Buck’s ghost stalking the studio in Preston. However, the highlight of the album is the dual vocal duties of Louis and Ashlee Kehoe on 'Thanks for the Understanding': the call and response,works so very well. 'From a View' ends with the quiet/loud 'Happiness', which rounds off this debut in a very satisfying manner. All in all, an interesting debut album which indicates the promise that Floodlights have to offer. And with a nod to their record label, this is very much the start rather than a climax.

Track Listing:-
1 Water's Edge
2 Matter of Time
3 Walk Away
4 Don't Pick That Scratch
5 Glory of Control
6 Thanks for Understanding
7 It Was All Going Well
8 Tropical Fun
9 Proud and Well
10 Shifting Shadows
11 Happiness

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