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Roger Reale And Rue Morgue - The Collection

  by Lisa Torem

published: 27 / 11 / 2019

Roger Reale And Rue Morgue - The Collection
Label: Rave On Recordings
Format: CD


Riveting compilation from late 70's new wave artist Roger C. Reale, which includes several unheard recordings and guitar work by Mick Ronson

This unreleased compilation (‘Radioactive: tracks 1-12, ‘Reptiles in Motion 13-24) features the iconic Mick Ronson. Rue Morgue existed in the studio and in between the years of 1978-79 and besides Ronson featured a colossal bunch of instrumentalists, including former Bob Dylan guitarist G.E. Smith, Jimmy McAllister, whilst Roger C. Reale served as the songwriter, bassist and vocalist. The fun cover includes interview excerpts with Jon Tiven, G.E. Smith, Hilly Michaels and Robbie DeRosa plus zany portrait drawings, but the real entertainment lies inside the disc. The result is a deliciously rough-hewn project. First up, ‘Radioactive’ is chock-full of solid rock riffs, bright harmonies and a killer backbeat, never more evident than in the finger-snapping ‘Stop and Go.’ Drummer Hilly Michaels never misses the beat. ‘Pain Killer’ has a T-Rex-like appeal mixed in with a country flair. The cover version of ‘Rescue Me’ hits the spot with its exuberant drive and nonstop action - Michaels milks the heck out of that crash cymbal and the call and response also hits the spot. Then ‘Kill Me’ comes along with its fierce attitude and astonishing solo work. ‘Reach for the Sky’ is a boisterous anthem; ‘Madonna’s Last Stand’ sizzles like a defective wire. Ballad ‘Please Believe Me’ has probably the most notable riff and comes alive with delirious stops and starts. ‘Close Inspection’ sears; ‘Inside Outside’ is memorable because of the thrilling drum outro. At its core, ‘I Can’t Control Myself’ seethes a slo-mo burn, similar to the iconic ‘Wild Thing.’ Easily a fan favorite. ‘Reptiles in Motion’: ‘She’s Older Now’ reveals some fantastic tosses and turns. ‘Pros and Cons’ whisk the listener through a swamp of infectious progressions. ‘Radioactive’ has a kind-of Huey Lewis underbelly. The transitions dare to go delectably light, then dangerously dark. This is a real exciting song, with harmonies and swirling electric guitar bursting out from all possible directions. ‘One More Try’ is more cohesive; self-contained, but equally illuminating, ‘No Secrets’ also carries a cool backdrop. ‘Debutante Ball’ is an ironic twist on the pristine title. The riff is anything but gentile; so much the better for the contrast. The lyrics are worth a second listen… The vocals on ‘Make it Be Over’ still sound fresh and exciting. ‘I’m in Distress’ is classic, guitar-driven punk; the lyrics are phenomenal as is the constant energy. ‘Point Blank’ is an amazing contrast; the guitar, more melodic, as serpentine lead vocals wind around. Take care, lightning strikes immediately on ‘Back it Up.’ ‘Living in Anger’ and ‘Rocking It to the Kremlin’ are more than satisfying closers, with their infectious rhythms and solid lyrics, but the latter simply radiates with stunning vocals and basslines/riffs that just never end.

Track Listing:-
1 High Society
2 Dear Dad
3 Stop and Go
4 Pain Killer
5 Rescue Me
6 Kill Me
7 Reach for the Sky
8 Madonna's Last Stand
9 Please Believe Me
10 Close Inspection
11 Inside Outside
12 I Can't Control Myself
13 She's Older Now
14 Pros and Cons
15 Radioactive
16 One More Try
17 No Secrets
18 Debutante Ball
19 Make It Be Over
20 I'm in Distress
21 Point Blank
22 Back It Up
23 Living in Anger
24 Rock It to the Kremlin

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