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Mining Co - Frontier

  by Steve Kinrade

published: 27 / 11 / 2019

Mining Co - Frontier
Label: Mining Co
Format: CD


Melancholic but compelling Americana on third album from the Mining Co., the project of singer-songwriter Michael Gallagher

‘Frontier’ is the third album from the Michael Gallagher fronted the Mining Co. Aided by the ensemble talents of Paco Loco, (Production, Mix), Jesus Cabral Herrera (bass), Karlos Arancegui, (drums and percussion) and pedal steel player Greg Holme, ‘Frontier’ is a confident, if melancholic, musical offering. Gallagher has a soothing, mournful quality to his voice which would take an eon to be bored of - it is a thing of beauty. The album shapes up to be one of two halves, production wise. The first four tracks are more than musically pleasant to the ear, but sonically revisits what the “genre” would be expected to deliver. So when the track ‘Frontier’ appears, we are now in new production territory. A new frontier is being passed, a rubicon crossed. It’s sparse and atmospheric. Close your eyes and Gallagher sits beside you, an alchemist of emotion, leading you in…”come a little closer, tonight…”. It reminded me of the work of producer Steve Nye with David Sylvian, and that is high praise indeed. And it gets better. ‘Hold On’ has a great easy groove, that Gallagher effortlessly moulds to his melodic will. The keyboard work on ‘The Promised Land’ evokes The Band’s Garth Hudson. ‘Ring of Fire’ benefits from a great arrangement that takes you to another emotional frontier. This is an album that really does need to be taken seriously, and will never be a candidate for “Americana landfill”. Seriously, check it out.

Track Listing:-
1 Mexico Alone
2 Lost
3 Take Your Chances
4 Empty Row
5 Frontier
6 Hold On
7 The Promise Land
8 Broken Wing
9 Rollercoaster Kisses
10 Honolulu Girl
11 River of Fire
12 Diggin' It All

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