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Alien Sex Fiend - Possessed

  by Lisa Torem

published: 26 / 3 / 2019

Alien Sex Fiend - Possessed
Label: Cherry Red Records
Format: CD


Offbeat goth rock on their thirteenth studio album and first in eight years from London-based duo Alien Sex Fiend

Nik Wade and Christine Wade, AKA Mr. and Mrs. Fiend, of British goth gallantry, Alien Sex Fiend, release ‘Possessed,’ their thirteenth studio album, and first in eight years, a follow-up to 2010’s ‘Death Trip.’ They began their musical post-punk journey in the early 1980s, side-stepping, or actually bypassing by leaps and bounds, the era’s big-haired, glam brethren. They have always gone their own way and this album proves the point in a number of visceral ways. Why did it take so long to get back in the studio? Well, one factor that stood out was that their long-standing guitarist Simon “Doc” Milton died in 2012. After much thought, however, Alien Sex Fiend elected to celebrate their bandmate’s life by completing the project. In fact, they even included Doc’s recordings. For those unfamiliar with the team, beware. Like their predecessors, ‘Possessed’ is goosebumps threatening. Nik Fiend’s vocals, as expected, come from a dark, cavernous, untampered place. The electric guitar swerves and screams, the acerbic beat deafening, and that’s only the'Intro'. Once in the trenches, the elaborations begin. Length vary, as does temperament and the degree to which synth and beat is introduced and expanded upon. ‘Shit’s Coming Down’ is both an elongated mantra and a fist-in-the air triumphant dance track. Clocking in at eleven-plus minutes is no small feat; there’s a break in the clouds when eccentric guitar interrupts Mr. Fiend’s rant, surpassing all authority. Time, as well as, time loosely defined, battle for power, but once the funky beat rises to the surface, Mr. Fiend’s chilling personality dominates. His quasi-spoken word soliloquy is a blood-curdling event all unto itself. Speaking of plasma, ‘It’s in my Blood’ does its job well, leaving Mr. Fiend plenty of ambient space over which he can shout and shudder. ‘Carcass’ finds his jackhammer voice sweltering over a dizzying cacophony, the backing voices echo and fade, echo and fade. ‘Gotta Get Back’ gets its grit from a more conventional place. At times, it rises from the ashes of classic rock. Lyrically, ‘Invisible’ is a declaration of despondency. ‘Bloody Reprisal’ boasts the most blistering of the electric guitar solos. If you’ve not given Alien Sex Fiend a chance, give it to them. They have planted themselves heart and soul into this project and should not be ignored.

Track Listing:-
1 Possessed (Intro)
2 Shit's Coming Down
3 It's in My Blood
4 Carcass
5 Ghost in the Machine
6 Amnesia
7 Spine-Tingler
8 Gotta Get Back
9 Invisible (The Beyond Mix)
10 Neutron
11 Bloody Reprisal
12 Shit's Coming Down (Monster Mix)

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