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Ponderosa Aces - No Particular Way

  by Steve Kinrade

published: 22 / 2 / 2019

Ponderosa Aces - No Particular Way
Label: Mad Ducks Music
Format: CD


Authentic and worthy country and western on second album from Californian act the Ponderosa Aces

If I had a Stetson, I would throw it into the air with a yelp out of pure homage to the Ponderosa Aces, whose new album is the follow-up to 2016's 'Honky Tonkin My Life Away'. The genre of country & western is not my natural habitat, but there is much to recommend to 'No Particular Way', which should urge the uninitiated amongst you to lend them your ears. At first glance, the Ponderosa Aces would seem like your usual run of the mill C&W outfit, but if you dig a little deeper, then there is many rewards on offer. Okay, with song titles like 'If You Think I've Got a Drinkin’ Problem' and 'Keep On Truckin’, it's easy to think you are in the land of “been there before”. These two album openers, however, evoke the traditional and comfortable, and bestow the high level of musicianship that patrols the rest of the album. For example, the pedal steel work by Steve Meister is both authentic and tasteful. Great songs a plenty just keep on coming. 'Simpler Life' shows off lead singer Mik Maddix western-soaked vocals in their best light; 'Fiery Skies' is a great example of how vital this genre can be, whilst my personal 'favourite Moonshine From a Still', is sublime. This is a song that could easily have graced REM’s 'Out of Time' album - it's that good. The album closes with the upbeat 'Blown My Chances', an ironic concluding musical statement as the Ponderosa Aces have by far not done this. - As well as checking out this album, hit up their website: it's fun and shows that The Ponderosa Aces are building a brand that is is as accessible as it is worthy. They don’t seem to take themselves too seriously, but just let their music do the talking. Yes Sir, just as it should be.

Track Listing:-
1 If You Think I've Got a Drinkin' Problem
2 Gotta Keep Truckin'
3 Come Around
4 Simpler Life
5 Lots of Ways to Be an Outlaw
6 The Landlord's Comin'
7 Moonshine from a Still
8 Fiery Skies
9 Last Cigarette
10 Raising Hell in Honky Tonks
11 Blown My Chances

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