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Addi McDaniel - After the News

  by Malcolm Carter

published: 22 / 2 / 2019

Addi McDaniel - After the News
Label: Samped Records
Format: CD


Excellent solo album from Addi McDaniel from voice and harp duo Addi and Jacq whose powerhouse vocals are even more effective with this material

‘After the News’ is the solo debut album from native Floridian musician Addi McDaniel although her powerhouse vocals will already be familiar to many through the music she made as vocalist in the voice and harp duo Addi and Jacq who were voted ‘Best Emerging Band in New York’ by WNYC. Checking out the duo’s music is well worth some of your time; their take of ‘House of the Rising Sun’ is unlike any you have heard before and there are many fine recordings out there by the duo which cover so much ground musically. And speaking of covering so much ground, ‘After the News’, although at times a world away musically from her work as part of that duo, also straddles so many different genres over the course of its eleven songs. The album features a bunch of original songs from collaborator Tom Siering as well as covers of Andrew Bird and Bruce Cockburn songs. The set was produced by drummer Marco Giovino (Norah Jones, Robert Plant, John Cale) who has captured the intimacy in Addi’s vocals perfectly and which has resulted in an album that stands up to repeated playing, one that it’s impossible to tire of. Much of the focus right now is centred on Addi’s cover of Andrew Bird’s ‘Are You Serious?’ which is track three on the album, Addi’s sultry vocals adding a touch of theatrics to the jazz/blues/rock hybrid. While this performance displays Addi’s ability to handle different genres and features her usual outstanding vocal skills to great effect it’s far from the highlight of the album. When such a performance, which would steal the show on any other album, is overshadowed by the songs surrounding it, thar just shows what a strong album ‘After The News’ is. The song that follows ‘Are You Serious?’ is ‘Forgiving You’, a heartbreaking ballad dealing with loss. The swirling keyboard touches and the brooding guitar lines all topped with Addi at her emotional best make for one of the stand-outs on an album that is devoid of any filler at all. They may not be her lyrics but there’s little doubt left in the listener’s mind that Addi feels every word she sings. ‘Gave Up Giving Up’ is another sweltering performance. The band’s performance is breathtaking while Addi’s vocals again hit home; there’s such an atmosphere building up within this song that you feel part of it. You can feel Addi’s pain in every line she sings. Again it might come as a surprise to those who only know of her work as part of Addi and Jacq, but this modern take on the blues is played out so well it shows a side to Addi McDaniel that hasn’t been fully exposed before. For every ‘Havana’ where Addi and band explore their jazz/blues leanings, there’s a ‘The Lacuna’ where the sultriness is reigned in and a more sensitive side of Addi and her vocals are revealed. On tracks such as this there are traces of so many great female singers but Addi still ensures that, by living every line, the listener is left in little doubt as to who that voice really belongs to. As the theme of many of these songs deal with hope, loss, sorrow and regret they are ideally suited to Addi’s expressive vocals. ‘Pacing the Cage’ is yet another track where Addi takes another diversion; this album is so musically rich it’s almost embarrassing that one singer can tackle so many different styles and win with each one. ‘After the News’ is one of those albums that is going to appeal to a wide audience. With this album Addi is certain to eclipse the success she had with Addi and Jacq. There really is something here that will appeal to everyone and it’s that voice that holds it all together. There’s not a song on offer here that shouldn’t receive radio play and be immediately loved by those who heard it. The fact that over eleven tracks the quality of not only the singing but the performance from the band doesn’t dip for a second is not only credit to Addi’s remarkable vocals but to that of producer Marco Giovino. There’s a feeling that even given her past accomplishments in music that 2019 is going to be Addi McDaniel’s year.

Track Listing:-
1 Would Have Written Less
2 Gave Up Giving Up
3 Are You Serious
4 Forgiving You
5 After the News
6 Havana
7 The Lacuna
8 Sorry
9 Cloud
10 Pacing the Cage
11 No One Gets over Anything

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