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J. Allen - Oh Oblivion

  by Fiona Hutchings

published: 14 / 1 / 2019

J. Allen - Oh Oblivion
Label: J. Allen
Format: 7"


Ethereal and orchestral vinyl only first single in two years from New York-based singer-songwriter J. Allen

It's been nearly two years since J.Allen released any new music and this new offering is a bit different from his previous singles. While the songwriting and melodic nature of his previous work remains, 'Oh Oblivion' strikes a much spacier note. As Allen himself describes it: "A singer finds his way amidst clouds of swirling cellos in these songs of foggy introspection.” Previously described as a purveyor of “folk songs written inside the whirlwind that is New York City... country hymns tuned into the traffic hum and the subway rumble”, this new single is a dreamlike hymn of a different church. Leaving behind for the most part the acoustic and steel string guitars of his previous records, this sounds like an organic thing that breathes in and out and takes us along for the ride. The softer, almost orchestral swell of strings is tempered by just a little steely sound guitar. It stops us floating away altogether, despite the strong pull of the mantra like plea for oblivion. I love this one, ethereal but with some bite. I hope J.Allen finds his way back to treat us to some more music very soon.

Track Listing:-
1 I've Been Down This Road Before
2 Oh Oblivion

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