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Admlithi - Tyrants

  by Dave Goodwin

published: 3 / 11 / 2018

Admlithi - Tyrants
Label: Armellodie Records
Format: CD


Appealing and experimental electronica on new album from enigmatic Scottish bedroom artist Admlithi

He's a very hard man to research is this mysterious wanderer they call Admlithi. Legend has it that he roams the north shores of Scotland since he abandoned the ways of the music years ago. By happenstance our mysterious wanderer was sheltering beside a large metal disposal box humming along to himself the tunes of a since departed Prince when he inadvertently glanced into said box and spied a long thin plastic piano with the name Technics adorning the sides. Now, our hero was not just a simple-minded hero. He had serious beliefs' in the way the country he was existing in was being run and that coupled with a diagnosis of autism by a nearby institute of well being made for our hero to make music in defiance of these shenanigans. This music is not of the mainstream, indeed it is hard to place it in any dovecot... There are elements of funk, punk and electro with a general melancholic theme running throughout, and as such the opening noises herald the pip pip pipping of a heart monitor, the backing synth reminiscent of an early house track. The second number '4UYET' is for me the standout track. It is a little slower but very synth-dominated with some tribal chanting type smatterings running through it. The title track 'Tyrants' kicks in with a dance theme. The whole album is drenched in lovely synths and has often an experimental sound such as on the next track 'Wandering Hands' or its successor, the water-trickling 'A Very Bad Day'. 'Looking at the Ceiling' starts, however, with guitar and is another dance track with a mid-tempo foreboding roof, whereas the next 'The Shape of Things' goes at 100mph throughout. 'Madness Lies' is a strange affair and is much poppier than the rest of the album, while 'The Wrong Chair' and 'Photograph' both recall the early Human League. Pick up a copy of this! It is really very good.

Track Listing:-
1 Bats in Your Head
2 4uyet
3 Tyrants
4 Wandering Hands
5 A Very Bad Day
6 Looking at the Ceiling
7 The Shape of Things
8 Madness Lies
9 The Wrong Chair
10 Photograph

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