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Dodson and Fogg - Tempus Fugit

  by Malcolm Carter

published: 25 / 9 / 2018

Dodson and Fogg - Tempus Fugit
Label: Wisdom Twin Records
Format: CD


Chris Wade’s third Dodson & Fogg album this year features songs from his new film, ‘Cuentos’ and a closing nine-minute piece that ranks as his most adventurous work to date.

Time must fly even faster for Chris Wade than it does for the rest of us. Apart from his Dodson & Fogg music project (losing count but it’s getting close to twenty albums/ EPs in 6 years) and his books, Wade is also now releasing his own short, compelling films and has recently started using his own artwork on his album covers. Although Wade’s music will always hold a special place because it’s so original and was our first introduction to his talents his artwork is coming in a close second just now. Check out examples on his wisdomtwinsbooks.weebly.com website to discover what a fine, expressive artist Wade is. ‘Tempus Fugit’, Wade’s third album of 2018, is loosely tied to his latest film venture ‘Cuentos’ which is also featured on the above website and worth more than one viewing. This latest collection of eleven original songs opens with the title song from the film. ‘Cuentos’, unsurprisingly, has a Spanish feel running through it, and is quite possibly one of the best instrumentals that Wade has released so far. And he’s released some stunning instrumental pieces in the past. It matters not if you’ve seen the film; this piece of music is simply stunning. It highlights once more just how talented Wade is. He makes every sound on this album, and highlights why he must rank as the most undervalued guitarist of his generation. ‘Cuentos’ is addictive and so evocative even though it’s an instrumental. It truly transports the listener to another place and even after numerous plays you’re left wondering how such a talented guitarist (Wade’s percussion talents are also on show here) is still not more widely known and appreciated. His guitar work is simply outstanding. It’s always, from the very beginning, been one of Wade’s gifts that he can transport the listener to another place with his music. While the overall sound hasn’t changed so much, those influences that were noticeable on his earlier albums (there were many instances when you heard snatches of various bands/artists within the same song even though Wade always had ‘his’ sound) are not so evident now. Wade still, after so many songs, sounds fresh and throws in unexpected touches. ‘Open Up’ is another instrumental that is impossible to get out of your head once heard. Again Wade’s guitar playing will blow you away and make the world around you disappear for the duration. That Spanish vibe is there but in a more subtle way. It’s another stunning piece of music expertly performed and played. It’s not only Wade’s acoustic playing that impresses; the chugging rock of ‘You Are What You Are’ features his trademark searing electric lead guitar work. And his vocals; there’s always been this laid-back, dreamy quality about Wade’s vocal delivery and while that is still apparent this listener has played ‘Cuentos’ on a few different systems now and still comes to the conclusion that while they are still dream-like Wade’s vocals appear to be stronger on this set. Maybe he’s now using different recording techniques or equipment, or maybe it’s just because after so many albums where the main focus has been on his guitar skills the listener's attention has now homing in more on Wade’s vocals. ‘It Ain’t Me’ is another of Wade’s rockier efforts, and his vocals have none of that wistfulness that is apparent on so many of his songs. Of course, the song closes with another onslaught of electric guitar from Wade; it’s almost embarrassing just how good this guy is. That he follows with another mellow, lazy summer day instrumental highlights Wade’s need never to mine one idea to death. While the edgier songs that feature vocals and Wade’s blistering lead guitar work are some of the best we’ve heard from this artist so far, it’s this handful of instrumentals that, on this album at least, really linger on long after the album has finished and which make you want to play it over again. But then Wade throws in a song such as ‘I Cannot Feel’ which finds him in his best late 60's folk mode; a gorgeous melody, Wade reverting to his trippy, dream-like vocal style making the track one of the most affecting on this album for the long, hot summer we are experiencing. We’ve probably said this before but one day the world will wake up to the talent that is Chris Wade. How he fits in his music, art and writing while still finding time for the more mundane tasks like eating and sleeping is still a mystery and how Wade is still making exciting, inspirational music after twenty albums is another wonder. But for now music lovers should be grateful that Wade is spending at least some of his time still making music and just drink it in. Need just one sample of how unique Wade’s music is and just what an incredible musician we have here? Take a listen to the title track of ‘Tempus Fugit’ that closes the album; wordless vocals and a fine example of the man’s skill on guitar not to mention a tune that will rattle inside your head for the rest of the day. Incredible. Remember this isn’t the combined work of four or five musicians and a producer; it’s one man. Maybe what I’m taking to be a UFO that hovers over a lone man on the back cover of the album is a clue because there’s no human who could possibly make music this moving so often!

Track Listing:-
1 Cuentos
2 You Are Nowhere to be Found
3 Busy Doing Nothing
4 Open Up
5 You Are What You Are
6 Out of My Mind
7 It Ain't Me
8 Sylvette
9 I Cannot Feel
10 The King and the Jester
11 Tempus Fugit

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