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Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers - The Long-Awaited Album

  by Paul Waller

published: 19 / 11 / 2017

Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers - The Long-Awaited Album
Label: Decca
Format: CD


More of the excellent same from comedian, film actor and bluegrass banjo maestro Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers

The comedy of Steve Martín has always been heavily bedded in the time in which he first found his fame. We are talking late 70's with a heavy slant towards his youth growing up in 50's America. For his film work this has found him very much out of favour in the past couple of decades, but with his music this cheesy nostalgia saturated in America's past taps perfectly into the very heart of bluegrass and traditional American values. Songs such as 'Caroline' and 'Strangest Christmas Yet' once again tell tales of Martin's youth, and I for one can't help but get swept up in the sweetness and politeness of it all. The comedy here is so far from funny it's almost funny all over again. Honestly it is simply homely and sweet. I have no idea why I find this so addictive. Whilst there is no denying that the glue that holds this album together is Steve's backing group The Steep Canyon Rangers, 'The Long Awaited Album' is very much a solo effort from the silver-haired icon. Just look at the front cover for proof. This is definitely not an record that reinvents the wheel and nor would you want it to be. It's not even the best work that the group have worked together on in recent years, but what rigs true to me is repeat listens and I'll happily listen to this many, many more times before the year is out. I guarantee it.

Track Listing:-
1 Santa Fe
2 Caroline
3 All Night Long
4 Canadian Girl
5 Office Supplies
6 Bad Night
7 Strangest Christmas Yet
8 Always Will
9 So Familiar
10 Nights In The Lab
11 Angeline The Barista
12 On The Water
13 Girl From River Run
14 Promontory Point

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