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El Goodo - By Order of the Moose

  by Steve Kinrade

published: 2 / 10 / 2017

El Goodo - By Order of the Moose
Label: Strangetown Records
Format: CD


Superbly-produced and versatile first album in eight years from psychedelic-tinged South Welsh band El Goodo

This is El Goodo’s third record, the first in some eight years, and is absolutely well worth the wait. Production wise, it is an absolute smorgasbord of approaches – it will have you thinking of the Sixties Barratt-era Floyd, or even the Phil Spector-ish nigh perfect 'Makes Me Wonder'. The Western feel also pervades, as well as a hint of Mariachi. You maybe be forgiven to think that such an eclectic production approach would be be more spills and thrills, but I can safely report back that this is an unqualified bullseye. The production suit the songs down to a tee, thereby giving a satisfying cohesion. Song-writing is also the key here. These are catchy, foot-tapping Sixties influenced stompers, from the forementioned 'Makes Me Wonder', 'Heavy On My Mind', 'Lay It On My Honey' (surely stolen from the Beatles 1962 era via some sort of time machine) - the list goes on and on. This is a short review as there isn’t much more to be said. This is a great record, and needs to be listened to time and time again. Summer maybe over, but with 'By Order of the Moose' the sun will always be shining in your soul. A majestic album to cherish. Simple.   

Track Listing:-
1 I Sit and Wonder
2 It Makes Me Wonder
3 September
4 Sail the Ocean
5 So It Goes
6 Five in the Morning
7 Heavy on My Mind
8 Susan & Bill
9 When
10 It's All Over
11 Lay It on My Honey
12 As You Said Your so Longs

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